Site Updates -

Site has been updated. You can comment here if you have problems.


  • List of Revoked Apps/Games (Only as seen by server)
  • "Never Discounted" list is back
  • Many bug/error fixes
  • Added Packages to menu for quick access to different lists
  • Once game update completes, you get notification on page
  • Added this updates section.
  • Fixed Revoke time reseting with updates, future revokes should have correct time
  • Fixed Bundles section not being updated after buying/getting new games
  • Added button to clear revocation log

Known Bugs

  • After clearing revocation list, cache is not invalidated, so site may display items for short period.


Revadike :

Add more filters/sorting options: I want to see unowned type game open subs only :)

MalikQayum :

add api so Royalgamer06 can make you regret you were born.

Joseahfer :

Bundles section doesn't update. I bought two bundles some days ago and still it doesn't count the games has owned.

Madjoki :

@Joseahfer Should be working now.

Joseahfer :

@Madjoki perfectly. (:

Revadike :

@malikqayum, perfect api: SELECT * FROM *