Recent Bans -

Recently games released in Steam China started appearing as "banned". An exception has been added to eliminate these false positives.

This is because those get hidden in Steam's product information system (pics).

(Bigger update is hopefully coming soon)


Cos :

Nice - thanks for the updates!

Wok :

Thank you for the update! 👌

Peace|Of Mind ✌ :

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pumPCin :

good news!

Hugh :

As of Jan 24, there are still lots of false positives. Look at the most recent 25 or so - most apps are still available.

A banned app's store page always returns status code 302 Moved Temporarily, with a Location: header equal to

Speculation: you might be misinterpreting HTTP timeouts or HTTP 429 Too Many Requests responses as banned games?

BTW I have tried and failed to discover a steamdb query to give a complete list of banned apps. Two failed attempts were app_retired_publisher_request=1 (for obvious reasons) and releasestate=unavailable, which only returned 734 results.

Madjoki :

Banned status doesn't rely on HTTP status.

Banned flag limits visibility of "extended" section to owners without owners_only flag being present in PICS.

Root cause was Steam China availability limiting visibility. This was worked around by checking steam_china flag, but Valve hid that, which lead to false positives again. Valve seems to have fixed root cause as of today.

Madjoki :

(looks like Valve broke it again, thx)

Toddynho :

thx friend