August Updates -


Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Filters not applying to Owned Count in App/Packages lists


azumukupoe :

Could you add Japan to the region option?

azumukupoe :

aria-label="Pages" is broken

azumukupoe :


Royalgamer06 :

Owned: 1214 / 459 ⁢Is this correct?

Madjoki :


Japan will be added, but no timeframe. It's hidden for now, as it's enabled for limit number of games. (Same is true for few other regions like UK).
Full enable will happen after code is updated to have better control over update times for multiple regions, as current solution to update all regions at same time won't scale.

Hopefully not too long from now


No. There is bug that your count don't account for filters, while total count does.

azumukupoe :

Thank you

azumukupoe :

Could you fix thisbug? Page 1 being the only page avilable.

azumukupoe :

You'd notice there's hidden packages when you change the sort.

Peace|Of Mind ✌ :

hey bud any reason some of the filters dont work that great on the banned page. I cant sort it out accurately to only show owned or unowned banned stuff. Does steam learning stuff still not show in that count?

azumukupoe :

Subscriptions not working alright?

rlaw100 :

If you're getting the userscript version out of date message after you update, you need to remove the old userscript.