Updates (19th-23rd June) -

Packages lists

  • Free packages list uses name of game, if name isn't known (instead of referring by id)
  • Added option to filter discounts to package lists

22nd June:

  • Added back Bundle Type filter
  • Changing filters keep selected sorting

23rd June:

  • Bundles can now be hidden
  • You can filter out partially owned "Purchase Together" bundles (ie. bundle that require you to remove other games before purchasing)
  • You can filter out non-discounted bundles. This will also hide bundles with 0% discount.
  • Sorting bundles by discount will now sort by actual discount, rather than 'extra discount' of bundle
  • Added warning icon for "Purchase Together" partially owned and removed type
  • Added icon for giftable bundles
  • Long bundle names no longer break layout
  • Bundles with negative discount (cheaper to buy separately) are hidden automatically


Lord Gorzul :

You Rock!

azumukupoe :

Didn't know where to report a issue, so I'm doing it here. Userscript is recognized as invalid userscript when entered into Violentmonkey. Anything I can do?

azumukupoe :

And also, demos are listed here: https://steam.madjoki.com/apps/free?type=1 Any solution for this?

azumukupoe :

I think userscript is not working at all. Could you please fix it?

HimoGa |UA| :

Windows Script Host

Script: C:\Users\xgsub\Downloads\bundles.user.js Line: 3 Char: 47 Error: Expected identifier, string or number Code: 800A0404 Source: Microsoft JScript compilation error


what is the problem?

Madjoki :

Userscript should be fixed.

azumukupoe :

Could you make the usercript compatible with violentmonkey?

azumukupoe :

Userscript doesn't work on Firefox

XDarkOr :

Userscript doesn't work on Firefox

rlaw100 :

I think the original userscript had a 1 hour timer/50 games built in so you could batch all your missing packages by just running the script once and just letting it run, Why was that changed in favor of the current 50 games per page system now? I'd argue it's kinda annoying to have to keep remembering to come back and add the next page each hour.