Banned Apps (982 Apps)

# Type Name Banned
Game !4RC4N01D!
DLC !4RC4N01D! - Bronze Levels Pack
Game !4RC4N01D! 2: Retro Edition
Game !4RC4N01D! 3: Cold Space 5000 Achievements!
Game !4RC4N01D! 4: KOHBEEP edition
Game !BurnToDie!
Game !Dead Pixels Adventure!
DLC !Dead Pixels Adventure! - DLC Levels pack
Game !Peace Phantom 2!
DLC $1 Donation (incl. Store Assets for Asset Flip Simulator)
DLC $2 Donation (incl. Store Assets for Asset Flip Simulator)
DLC $5 Donation (incl. Store Assets for Asset Flip Simulator)
Game - Arcane preRaise -
Game - Arcane RERaise -
Game - Occult preRaise -
Game - Occult Raise -
Game - Occult RERaise -
Game .atorb.
Game 1 ⛷ 1
Game 69
DLC 80's desktop update wallpapers
DLC 80's musical charging by style
Game 80's style
Game A Goo Adventure
Game A Kiss For The Petals - Maidens of Michael
Game A Little Rabbit Story
Game A War Story
DLC A War Story : Zombies!
DLC A War Story Characters : Allison!
DLC A War Story Characters : Crazy!
DLC A War Story Characters : Dust!
DLC A War Story Characters : Green!
Game Absconding Zatwor
Game Abstractism
Game Achievement Hunter: Alien
Game Achievement Hunter: Begins
Game Achievement Hunter: Cat
Game Achievement Hunter: Chef
Game Achievement Hunter: Cromulent
Game Achievement Hunter: Darkness
Game Achievement Hunter: Darkness 2
Game Achievement Hunter: Dogger
Game Achievement Hunter: Dragon
Game Achievement Hunter: Extreme
Game Achievement Hunter: Foxy
Game Achievement Hunter: Gnom
Game Achievement Hunter: Golem
Game Achievement Hunter: Kiborg
Game Achievement Hunter: Knight
Game Achievement Hunter: Mermaid
Game Achievement Hunter: Offensive
Game Achievement Hunter: Overdose
Game Achievement Hunter: Pharaoh
Game Achievement Hunter: Princess
Game Achievement Hunter: Punk
Game Achievement Hunter: Samurai
Game Achievement Hunter: Scars
Game Achievement Hunter: Thief
Game Achievement Hunter: Unicorn
Game Achievement Hunter: Urban
Game Achievement Hunter: Urban 2
Game Achievement Hunter: Witch
Game Achievement Hunter: Wizard
Game Achievement Hunter: Zombie
Game Achievement Hunter: Zombie 2
Game Achievement Hunter: Zombie 3
DLC Achievement Hunters - Soundtrack
Game Achievement Simulator 2018
DLC Actual Assets (for Asset Flip Simulator)
Game Adult Arkanoid
Game Adventure Rage
DLC Adventure Rage Soundtrack
Game Adventures of Heroes
Game Adventures of Hooi
Game Adventures Of Kok
Game Agent girl
Game Airon Ball
Game AironBall: The Floating Lands
Game AironBall: The Loop
DLC Alexander (Character for Occult Raise)
Game Alien Hardcore Invasion
Game AltCoin
Game aMaze Achievements : darkness
Game aMaze Achievements : forest
Game Angel's Love
Game AngerDark
Game Anime Fight in the Arena of Death
Game Anime Solitaire
Game Anime! Oi history!
Game Apocalyptic cars war
Game AppleSnake
Game AppleSnake2
Game AppleSnake: Christmas story
Game AppleSnake: Halloween Adventures
Game ASCII Achievement Mania: Space Shooter
Game ASCII Game Series: Beginning
Game ASCII Game Series: Blocks
Game ASCII Game Series: Maze
Game ASCII Game Series: Pinball
Game ASCII Game Series: Snake
Game Asset Flip Simulator
Game Athopiu - The Final Rebirth of Hopeless Incarnate
DLC ATLAS Protect Your Planet Music
Game Attrition: Nuclear Domination
Game Aviation Hurricane Storm
Game Baikonur Space
DLC Baikonur Space Awesome Soundtrack
DLC Baikonur Space Dazzling Wallpapers
Game Ball of Paint
Game Ballanced
Game Barclay: The Marrowdale Murder
Game Base Squad 49
Game Basketball
DLC Battle Battalions: Infantry Starter Kit
DLC Battle Battalions: Recon Starter Kit
DLC Battle Battalions: Tank Starter Kit
Game Battlefield Armor
Game Battlefield Supremacy
Game Bear Vs Hunter
DLC Bear VS Hunter - Library Token
Game Beast Blaster
Game Berry Pop Match
Game Berryblast Matchmaker
Game Big Dick
Game Big Surprise
Game Billiard: VR
DLC Birch (Character for Occult preRaise)
Game Bitcoin Clicker
Game Bitcoin highway
Game Bitcoin Miner
Game Black My White
Game Black My White Again
Game Blackscreen Simulator
Game Blast Lander
DLC Blaze (Character for Occult RERaise)
Game Blood of Old (OLD VERSION)
Game Blood of Old - The Rise To Greatness
Game Blu Bandana
Game Boarding College
Game Boarding College 2
Game Bold New World
Game bOllO
Game Bombman
DLC Bombman - Library Token
Game Boobs Puzzle ~| 胸部拼图
Game Brave Dungeon II
Game Break Into Zatwor
Game Break The Wall
Game Brilliant Bob
Game Brodefence
DLC Brodefence OST
Game Burger in Partyland
Game C2H6O
Game Cab Driver Commander
DLC Cab Driver Commander Awesome Soundtrack
DLC Cab Driver Commander Dazzling Wallpapers
Game Camping with girls
Game Candy Girl
Game CandySnake
Game Carnival Ball
Game Cast Away
Game Cat Demon Island
Game Cat survival
Game Cat's Puzzle /ᐠ。ꞈ。ᐟ\
Game Catacomb Explorers
DLC Catacomb Explorers - Collector's Edition Content
Game Catfender
Game Cats Epic Puzzles
Game Caveman adventures
Game Challenge Park
Game Cheerleader: reverse side of life
Game Chemical plant raid
Game Chilie Peppers
Game Christmas party
Game CICADS 3301
Game Circle Ball
Game Clickey
Game Clickey: The Velocity Click
Game Climber
Game Club of fighters
Game Coindice Simulator
DLC Coindice Simulator - Library Token
Game Cold Dreams
Game Color Balling
Game Color Cingdom
Game Color Snooker
Game ColorSpill Ball
Game Combat Raccoon
DLC Cora (Character for Occult preRaise)
Game Cornflakestein
Game CosmoLands | Space-Adventure
Game CountDown
Game Crap Attack
Game Crazy Alien
Game Crazy Flying Squirrel
Game Crazy Pirate
Game Crazy Tank
Game Crossextion
Game CrossSide: The Prison
Game Crush The Berries
Game Cube Master: Light Adventure
Game Cube Way
Game Cube Way 2
Game Cubicorner
Game Cyberpunk Arena
Game Cyborg Detonator
Game Dab, Twerk & Dance
Game Dad's co-worker
DLC Daedalus (Character for Occult Raise)
DLC Dante (Character for Occult RERaise)
Game Dead Inside
Game Deadly Profits
Game dead_file.exe
DLC dead_file.mp3
Game DeepFear
Game Delirium: Bad Trip Edition
Game Desert lions
Game Desert Rescue
Game Désiré
Game Devils Share
Game DGirls Lovers
Game Diamonds for Beauty
Game DinoOps
Game Disco Zombie Rampage 2
Game Don't Fall
DLC Don't Fall - Decagon
DLC Don't Fall - Octagon
DLC Don't Fall - Tetragon
DLC Don't Fall - Trigon
Game Dots
Game Douche Bag
DLC Douche Bag OST
Game Doujin Jigsaw Puzzle
DLC Doujin Jigsaw Puzzle - miazi
Game Dr. Tanya`s Experiment
# Type Name Banned