Banned Apps (3688 Apps)

# Type Name Banned
Game Color Jump
Game Light Gravity Cube
Game Retro Racing City
Game Shoot the ball
Game 2D Zombie Survival
Game Stack Tower
Game Endless Car Chase
Game Zombie Killers
Game Wall To Wall
Game Simple Chess
Game Middle Ages Hero
Game Fall of castles - Battle Simulator
Game Little Races
Game Be an Archer
Game Light House Puzzle
Game Jump & Shoot
Game Sky Flight
Game Block Fuse
Game Coop Tank War
Game Hill Racing
Game Block Puzzle!
Game Wave
Game Click the Business
Game Crashy Racing
Game Orpheus
Game Warring Universe
Game Inside
Game Gunny Clock
Game Three Treason Theories RPG
Game Stationary RPG
Game Maths Challenge
Game Lost and Found RPG
Game Snake VS Block Numbers
Game Island sky RPG
Game Demon robot runner
Game Sunshine RPG
Game Infinite Fall
Game Shadows Light RPG
Game Tanks!!!
Game Slimes RPG
Game Soccer Versus
Game The Blight RPG
Game Capture the monster
Game Prison Break RPG
Game Let's be architects
Game Black Hangman
Game Jump to the circle
Game It's good to be a pirate RPG
Game Megavaders 5000
Game Fly the plane
Game Medieval Battle Simulator
Game Let's zig zag
Game Park the car
Game Circle pong
Game Energy nodes
Game Mini Golf Coop
Game Typing game
Game Tank Game
Game Turn the bridge
Game Psychedelic platformer
Game The Ninja Path
Game Defend the planet
Game Alien Bubble Destroyer
Game Sequence - Robot programming simulator
Game Rise up
Game Rimi Action RPG
Game Business clicker
Game Pass the wall
Game Gravity puzzles
Game Be the King
Game I want cookies
Game Infinite road
Game Game of Life
Game Greeng 2D Dungeon
Game Strange Things
Game Epic roll
Game Retro Space Shooter
Game Break the Blocks
Game Space Chaos
Game Alien Invaders
Game Mighty Action RPG
Game Devour them all
Game Escape from here
Game Mission: Wolf
Game 8bit Invasion
Game Hardcore Survival
Game Retro Dungeons
Game Magic and Challenge RPG
Game Caves!
Game Surviving in the forest
Game Robo-orders
Demo Hi Gay Demo
Game Blood Day
Game Away From Earth: Titan 2
Game Poly Soldiers
Game Away From Earth: Titan
DLC Away From Earth: Moon - Flyable Item Looter Drone
DLC Away From Earth: Moon - First Moon Landing
Game Away From Earth: Moon
Game Away From Earth: Mars 2
DLC Away From Earth: Mars - Flyable Drone
Game Away From Earth: Mars
Game Nuderit Natashas
Game SQRšŸ”² 4
DLC Fruit B SudokušŸ‰
DLC Fruit A SudokušŸ‰
DLC Fruit 9 SudokušŸ‰
DLC Fruit 8 SudokušŸ‰
DLC Fruit 7 SudokušŸ‰
DLC Fruit 6 SudokušŸ‰
DLC Fruit 5 SudokušŸ‰
DLC Fruit 4 SudokušŸ‰
DLC Fruit 3 SudokušŸ‰
DLC Fruit 2 SudokušŸ‰
DLC Fruit B SudokušŸ‰ 2
DLC Fruit A SudokušŸ‰ 2
DLC Fruit 9 SudokušŸ‰ 2
DLC Fruit 8 SudokušŸ‰ 2
DLC Fruit 7 SudokušŸ‰ 2
DLC Fruit 6 SudokušŸ‰ 2
DLC Fruit 5 SudokušŸ‰ 2
DLC Fruit 4 SudokušŸ‰ 2
DLC Fruit 3 SudokušŸ‰ 2
DLC Fruit 2 SudokušŸ‰ 2
DLC Fruit B SudokušŸ‰ 3
DLC Fruit A SudokušŸ‰ 3
DLC Fruit 9 SudokušŸ‰ 3
DLC Fruit 8 SudokušŸ‰ 3
DLC Fruit 7 SudokušŸ‰ 3
DLC Fruit 6 SudokušŸ‰ 3
DLC Fruit 5 SudokušŸ‰ 3
DLC Fruit 4 SudokušŸ‰ 3
DLC Fruit 3 SudokušŸ‰ 3
DLC Fruit 2 SudokušŸ‰ 3
DLC Fruit B SudokušŸ‰ 4
DLC Fruit A SudokušŸ‰ 4
DLC Fruit 9 SudokušŸ‰ 4
DLC Fruit 8 SudokušŸ‰ 4
DLC Fruit 7 SudokušŸ‰ 4
DLC Fruit 6 SudokušŸ‰ 4
DLC Fruit 5 SudokušŸ‰ 4
DLC Fruit 4 SudokušŸ‰ 4
DLC Fruit 3 SudokušŸ‰ 4
DLC Fruit 2 SudokušŸ‰ 4
DLC Fruit couplešŸ‰ B
DLC Fruit couplešŸ‰ A
DLC Fruit couplešŸ‰ 9
DLC Fruit couplešŸ‰ 8
DLC Fruit couplešŸ‰ 7
DLC Fruit couplešŸ‰ 6
DLC Fruit couplešŸ‰ 5
DLC Fruit couplešŸ‰ 4
DLC Fruit couplešŸ‰ 3
DLC Fruit couplešŸ‰ 2
DLC Vegetable couplešŸ† B
DLC Vegetable couplešŸ† A
DLC Vegetable couplešŸ† 9
DLC Vegetable couplešŸ† 8
DLC Vegetable couplešŸ† 7
DLC Vegetable couplešŸ† 6
DLC Vegetable couplešŸ† 5
DLC Vegetable couplešŸ† 4
DLC Vegetable couplešŸ† 3
DLC Vegetable couplešŸ† 2
DLC Berry couplešŸ“ B
DLC Berry couplešŸ“ A
DLC Berry couplešŸ“ 9
DLC Berry couplešŸ“ 8
DLC Berry couplešŸ“ 7
DLC Berry couplešŸ“ 6
DLC Berry couplešŸ“ 5
DLC Berry couplešŸ“ 4
DLC Berry couplešŸ“ 3
DLC Berry couplešŸ“ 2
DLC Bird couplešŸ¦ B
DLC Bird couplešŸ¦ A
DLC Bird couplešŸ¦ 9
DLC Bird couplešŸ¦ 8
DLC Bird couplešŸ¦ 7
DLC Bird couplešŸ¦ 6
DLC Bird couplešŸ¦ 5
DLC Bird couplešŸ¦ 4
DLC Bird couplešŸ¦ 3
DLC Bird couplešŸ¦ 2
DLC Snake couplešŸ B
DLC Snake couplešŸ A
DLC Snake couplešŸ 9
DLC Snake couplešŸ 8
DLC Snake couplešŸ 7
DLC Snake couplešŸ 6
DLC Snake couplešŸ 5
DLC Snake couplešŸ 4
DLC Snake couplešŸ 3
DLC Snake couplešŸ 2
DLC ButterflyšŸ¦‹ couple B
DLC ButterflyšŸ¦‹ couple A
DLC ButterflyšŸ¦‹ couple 9
DLC ButterflyšŸ¦‹ couple 8
DLC ButterflyšŸ¦‹ couple 7
DLC ButterflyšŸ¦‹ couple 6
DLC ButterflyšŸ¦‹ couple 5
DLC ButterflyšŸ¦‹ couple 4
DLC ButterflyšŸ¦‹ couple 3
DLC ButterflyšŸ¦‹ couple 2
DLC Animal couplešŸ˜ B
DLC Animal couplešŸ˜ A
DLC Animal couplešŸ˜ 9
DLC Animal couplešŸ˜ 8
DLC Animal couplešŸ˜ 7
DLC Animal couplešŸ˜ 6
DLC Animal couplešŸ˜ 5
DLC Animal couplešŸ˜ 4
DLC Animal couplešŸ˜ 3
DLC Dog Barley-BreakšŸ¶ B
DLC Dog Barley-BreakšŸ¶ A
DLC Dog Barley-BreakšŸ¶ 9
DLC Dog Barley-BreakšŸ¶ 8
DLC Dog Barley-BreakšŸ¶ 7
DLC Dog Barley-BreakšŸ¶ 6
DLC Dog Barley-BreakšŸ¶ 5
DLC Dog Barley-BreakšŸ¶ 4
DLC Dog Barley-BreakšŸ¶ 3
DLC Dog Barley-BreakšŸ¶ 2
DLC Dog couplešŸ¶ B
DLC Dog couplešŸ¶ A
DLC Dog couplešŸ¶ 9
DLC Dog couplešŸ¶ 8
DLC Dog couplešŸ¶ 7
DLC Dog couplešŸ¶ 6
DLC Dog couplešŸ¶ 5
DLC Dog couplešŸ¶ 4
DLC Dog couplešŸ¶ 3
DLC Dog couplešŸ¶ 2
DLC Cat puzzlešŸ± B
DLC Cat puzzlešŸ± A
DLC Cat puzzlešŸ± 9
DLC Cat puzzlešŸ± 8
DLC Cat puzzlešŸ± 7
DLC Cat puzzlešŸ± 6
DLC Cat puzzlešŸ± 5
DLC Cat puzzlešŸ± 4
DLC Cat puzzlešŸ± 3
DLC Cat puzzlešŸ± 2
DLC Cat couplešŸ± B
DLC Cat couplešŸ± A
DLC Cat couplešŸ± 9
DLC Cat couplešŸ± 8
DLC Cat couplešŸ± 7
DLC Cat couplešŸ± 6
# Type Name Banned