Banned Apps (1818 Apps)

# Type Name Banned
Game Epic PVP Castles
Game AppleSnake: Christmas story
Game AppleSnake: Halloween Adventures
Game AppleSnake2
Game JellyNoid
Game SnappleNoid
Game AppleSnake
Game A Kiss For The Petals - Maidens of Michael
DLC Wild Buster - Basic DLC
DLC Guardians of Ember - Basic Pack
DLC Wild Buster - Collector's DLC
DLC Wild Buster - Deluxe DLC
DLC Wild Buster - Founder DLC
Game Wild Buster
DLC Guardians of Ember - Ultimate DLC
DLC Guardians of Ember - Deluxe DLC
Game The Onion Knights - Definitive Edition
DLC World of Fishing - Advanced Pack DLC
DLC World of Fishing - 2016 Promo Pack DLC
DLC World of Fishing - Pro Pack DLC
DLC Guardians of Ember - Demigod DLC
DLC World of Fishing - Starter Pack DLC
DLC Guardians of Ember - Mortal DLC
DLC Guardians of Ember - Immortal DLC
Game Guardians of Ember
Game World of Fishing
Game Trinium Wars
Game UFO Online
Game Cube Way 2
Game Cube Way
Game Blast Lander
Game Reversed Dreamland
Game Turret Terminator
Game TRANSFORMERS: Devastation
DLC A War Story Characters : Allison!
DLC A War Story Characters : Crazy!
DLC A War Story Characters : Green!
DLC A War Story Characters : Dust!
DLC A War Story : Zombies!
DLC Vianiato PopOut OST
Game A War Story
DLC Partical City Guardians: Tracks
DLC Nuclear Shot: Tracks
Game The Silence Of Darkness
Game Partical City Guardians
Game Vianiato PopOut
Game Nuclear Shot
Game Ride with son
Demo Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Demo
DLC Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days - Soundtrack
Game Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days
DLC Fist of Jesus Short Film and Soundtrack
Game Fist of Jesus
Game Middle Ages Hero
Game SmashZombies
Game Rest In Peace
Game Billiard: VR
Game Russian Underground: VR
DLC Strongmind Soundtrack DLC
Game Strongmind
Game Twin Brothers
Game Blood of Old - The Rise To Greatness
Game Blood of Old (OLD VERSION)
Game Piccled Ricc
Game Pill Cosbi
DLC Vaping Simulator - Mad Furry Punching Bag
DLC Vaping Simulator - Deluxe Edition
DLC Fidget Spinner - SkyRaceTrack Soundtrack
DLC Fidget Spinner - Forest Soundtrack
DLC Fidget Spinner - Autism Spectrum Disorder Foundation
DLC Fidget Spinner - Premium Member
Game Vaping Simulator
DLC Official Soundtrack - by Vick Shwetz
Game Hotel 19-95
Game Space Odyssey
Game Radioactive
Game Flight Simulator: VR
Game Adventures of Hooi
Game Dead Inside
Game Escape The Island
DLC Space Journey - Original Soundtrack
Game Staircase of Darkness: VR
Game Space Journey
Game Offroad: VR
Game C2H6O
Game Real 1942
Game Pixel War
Game NeonGalaxy Wars
Game Adventures Of Kok
Game Douche Bag
Game Simulator gas station
Game Crazy Flying Squirrel
Game Helium Skies
Game Burger in Partyland
Game Black My White Again
Game Black My White
Game Hexa Faction 2
Game Hexa Faction
Game Gravity At Its Finest 2
Game Gravity At Its Finest
Game TOREj 2
Game TOREj
Game Staplers! 3
Game Staplers! 2
Game Staplers!
Game Pins 3
Game Pins 2
Game RunZ 2
Game Pins
Game RunZ
Game Mr. Jumpington 2
Game Mr. Jumpington
Game Paper Knights
Game Laseronium: The Beam Focus
Game Laseronium: The Reflexion
Game Laseronium 2
Game Point Connect 4
Game Point Connect 3
Game Point Connect 2
Game Point Connect
Game SlingSkull Zombies: The Dawn
Game SlingSkull Zombies: Gravedigger
Game SlingSkull Zombies: Graveyard Shift
Game SlingSkull Zombies 2
Game SlingSkull Zombies
Game Sketchy 4
Game Sketchy 3
Game Edges 2
Game Edges
Game Laseronium: The Line
Game Blu Bandana
Game Laseronium
Game The Safeguard Garrison: Space Colonies
Game AironBall: The Floating Lands
Game Wild Goo Chase
Game Run, Goo, Run
Game Airon Ball
Game The Safeguard Garrison 2
Game The Safeguard Garrison
Game Tracks of Triumph: Good Old Times
Game Tesla's Best Friend
Game Tracks of Triumph: Summertime
Game Tracks of Triumph: Industrial Zone
Game The First Spark
Game The Last Photon
Game Sketchy 2
Game Sketchy
Game Sphere Toss 4
Game Sphere Toss 3
Game Sphere Toss 2
Game Sphere Toss
Game Whait Bandana
Game Purpul Bandana
Game Grin Bandana
Game Yello Bandana
Game Raccoon Hero: Monkey Business
Game Raccoon Hero: Among The Cacti
Game Raccoon Hero: Starlight
Game Raccoon Hero: The Frost
Game Raccoon Hero: The Marsh
Game Raccoon Hero: Under The Sea
Game Raccoon Hero: The Sunrise
Game Raccoon Hero
Game Flipper Hazard 5
Game Flipper Hazard 4
Game Flipper Hazard 3
Game Flipper Hazard 2
Game Match and Crash
Game Sweet Berry Crush
Game Crush The Berries
Game Berryblast Matchmaker
Game Fruit Candypop
Game Sugar Fruit Match
Game Berry Pop Match
Game Carnival Ball
Game Paint Polygon
Game Paintsplash Ball
Game Color Balling
Game Color Snooker
Game PaintPool
Game ColorSpill Ball
Game Ball of Paint
Game AironBall: The Loop
Game Sound Balling 2
Game Sound Balling
Game Laseronium: Over The Line
Game Ninja Gainyk
Game The Return of Bantara
Game Clickey: The Velocity Click
Game GooCubelets: Color Blocking
Game Sleengster 3
Game GooCubelets: RGB
Game Rage Parking Simulator 2017
Game Torch Cave 3
Game Clickey
Game Flipper Hazard
Game Break The Wall
Game Barclay: The Marrowdale Murder
Game Sleengster 2
Game Sleengster
Game Torch Cave 2
Game Zombie Boom
Game GooCubelets: The Void
Game Torch Cave
Game Cyborg Detonator
Game GooCubelets: OCD
Game Beast Blaster
Game They Came From The Moon
Game GooCubelets: The Algoorithm
Game GooCubelets 2
Game Fiends of Imprisonment
Game GooCubelets
Game Break Into Zatwor
Game Absconding Zatwor
Game Brilliant Bob
Game Why So Evil 2: Dystopia
Game Why So Evil
Game Rage Parking Simulator 2016
Game The Suffering of Larina
Game Infiltration
Game Himiko
Game Valortha
Game Viktaram
Game Sayaka
Game Epica
Game To the home
Game Cube Master: Light Adventure
Game Luci:Horror Story
Game Oldschool tennis
Game Purple Hills
Game Socxel | Pixel Soccer
Game MontaSayer
Game Storm in Desert
Game The Dark Tales of Katarina
# Type Name Banned