Banned Apps (3704 Apps)

# Type Name Banned
Game 疯狂的坦克
DLC BeatDiablo - 角色与音乐扩展包
Game Killer Tank
Game Storm Burst
Game Puppet Story
DLC Alien world
DLC Ninja Village
Game Angry Toys
Game Jail Adventure
Game Hunting For Trump
Game Shrek 5
DLC scrammunism
Tool scram server
DLC schristmas
DLC scralloween
DLC scractical
Game Covid-19
Game Parallel Arena
DLC Autumn
Game Shoot Pump Shoot
Game Crazy Puzzle
DLC Milan
DLC Lakes Landscapes
DLC Canada Landscapes
DLC Mountain Landscapes
DLC Northem lights
DLC Bicycles
DLC Musical Instruments
DLC Beaches
DLC Bridges
DLC Paris
DLC Waterfalls
DLC Summer
DLC Rural Landscapes
DLC Cats
DLC Tokyo
DLC Turtles
DLC Aerial Landscapes
DLC Big cities
DLC Windmills
DLC London
DLC Motorcycles
DLC Guns
DLC River Landscapes
DLC Macro Nature
DLC Brazil Landscapes
DLC Elephants
DLC Pandas
DLC Sea landscapes
DLC Food
DLC Toys
DLC Winter
DLC Iced landscapes
DLC Underwater Life
DLC Horses
DLC Road Landscapes
DLC Moscow
DLC Fast cars
DLC Spring
DLC Palms
Game 传奇霸途
Game 魔龙之戒Rise of dragons
Game 魔戒传奇
Game 街机捕鱼城3D
Game 寒刀行BT版
Game 龙魂传奇:76复古版MMO
Game 龙王编年史MMO
Demo 龙王编年史 Dragonlord Chronicles DEMO
Demo 龙魂传奇:76复古版 Legend of sword and Magic Demo
Game 神道-仙尊传奇
Game 恋野迷踪 ~ Koishi's LUMO
DLC 旅行恋恋 - Live2D for 古明地恋 Komeiji Koishi
Music 读心示踪法 ~ Perspective Tracer
Game 古明地五: 与觉大人下情侣棋 ~ Satori Five!
Game 旅行恋恋 ~ Koishi Navigation
DLC 恋野迷踪 ~ Koishi's LUMO 特殊CG补丁
DLC 古明地五: 古明地雷 Art Pack
Game Trump vs Biden: Infinity war
Game USSR Life
Game Desktop Dаnce
Game Mid or Feed
Game The not so silent assassin
Demo The not so silent assassin Demo
Game Mirt. Tales of the Cold Land
Game Hazardous Space
DLC Hazardous Space - Digital Artbook
Game Against The Moon
Game Against The Moon: Prologue
Music Hazardous Space - OST + Wallpapers
Demo Against The Moon Demo
Music Against The Moon Soundtrack
DLC Hazardous Space - Wallpapers
Game ValveTestApp1000390
DLC Against The Moon - Artbook
Game Sin Slayers
Game Sin Slayers: The First Sin
Music Sin Slayers - Soundtracks
DLC Sin Slayers - Artbook
Game Swiper
DLC Sin Slayers - Little Supporter
DLC Sin Slayers - Pharmacist
Game COVID-20
Game Sweet Story Bad Girl
Game Sweet Story Bunny Club
Game Sweet Story Neko
Game Nurse Sofi
DLC Sweet Story Neko - 18+ Adult Only Content
Game Hentai Story Bad Angel
DLC Nurse Sofi - 18+ Adult Only Content
Game Call of Hentai Neko
DLC Sweet Story Wet-Bottom Pie - 18+ Adult Only Content
Game Sweet Story Wet-Bottom Pie
DLC Sweet Story Bunny Club - 18+ Adult Only Content
Game Hentai Story Jasmine
DLC Sweet Story Bad Girl - 18+ Adult Only Content
DLC Sweet Story Fallen Angel - 18+ Adult Only Content
Game 战棋争霸
DLC 花太香郎_热情女孩
Game Grand Dark Trader
Game GDT2: After WW3
Game Hentai Nazi: Battle of Japan
DLC Hentai Nazi Stalin Edition
Game Anime Nazi Biohazard
Game Anime Memes
DLC Hentai Nazi HITLER is Back - Adult Patch 18+
Game Hentai Nazi HITLER is Back
DLC Hentai Nazi - Adult Patch 18+
Game Hentai Nazi
DLC Kill the Hentai - Adult Patch 18+
DLC Hentai Area 51 - Soundtrack
DLC Hentai Area 51 - Adult Patch 18+
Game Hentai - Area 51
Game Kill the Hentai
DLC Hentai Arena - Adult Patch 18+
DLC WoW Hentai 2! - Soundtrack
DLC WoW Hentai 2! - Artbook
Game WoW Hentai 2!
Game Hentai Arena | Battle Royale
DLC WoW Hentai - Soundtrack
Game Hentai Loli 3D
Game WoW Hentai!
Game HENTAI Ahegao
Game Edge of Hearts
Game Puzzletronics
Game Puzzletronics: Digital Infinite One
Game Psychoduck
Game Dojoran
Demo Dojoran Demo
Game Dininho Adventures
Game Emoji Evolution
Game Four Ways
Game 封天盛世
Game 西游之路之混沌西游
Game 山河图志
Game 兵法三十七计
Game 创世封神
Game 天威传说-傲视狂刀
Game 英雄这边请
Game 传奇荣耀
Game 灵界修仙
Game 九剑
Game 一统天下
Game 少年封神
Game 唐门六道
Game 莽荒纪2
Game 武动苍穹
Game 新倚天屠龙记
Game 仙境传说之复兴
Game 诛神乾坤
Game 浴血战魂
Game 七战
Game 穿越联盟
Game 谁是首富
Game 刀剑天下
Game 卓越传说
Game 六界飞仙
Game 长歌行
Game 无限之心
Game 三生三世十里桃花
Game 梦幻契约
Game 沙城之战
Game 幻剑风云
Game 烈斩
Game 斗罗大陆
Game 封神策
Game 神仙名单
Game 六界仙尊
Game 沙巴克传奇
Game 创世OL热血战歌
Game 屠龙破晓
Game 炼妖记
Game 真龙传世
Game 猎魔
Game 横扫天下之万年强者
Game 天祭
Game 玄尘仙途
Game 热血传奇
Game 御天传奇
Game 凡人飞仙
Game 灭神
Game 江湖侠客令
Game 封神霸业
Game 烽火攻城
Game Zombie Game
Game 盛世遮天
Game 圣妖传奇
Game 长歌行
Game 操戈天下
Game 仙魔令
Game Diamond love
Game Kill jump monster
Game Save the village chief
Game Destroy_the_devil
Game Looking_for_food
Game Island enhanced weaps
Game gogogofriend
Game findway
Game Psychedelic world
Game Interstellar annihilation project
Game piyipi
Game my dream
Game My psychedelic world
Game fsslc
Game Driving License Test
Game Cartoon Antics
Game Looking for girls
Game Find a way out in the lost
Game Attack cockroach save the cake
Game Canyon Adventure
Game The importance of money
Game The land of the nether world
Game gogogo
Game desperate fight
Game Desert butcher
Game The cake is surrounded by shackles
Game Dark Canyon
Game Experience
Game Jedi siege
Game be threatened by growing crises
Game Block bat invasion
Game lualu
Game Fish man avoiding fishing
Game Lost Continent
Game Blue sky fighter
Game A strange world of fantasy
# Type Name Banned