Latest Updates

Updates (19th/22nd June) -

Packages lists

  • Free packages list uses name of game, if name isn't known (instead of referring by id)
  • Added option to filter discounts to package lists

22nd June:

  • Added back Bundle Type filter
  • Changing filters keep selected sorting
Updates (30th May) -
  • Moved to new server


Free Packages

  • Added option to Hide packages
  • In some cases list was not properly updated, removed packages weren't being accounted for
  • Update 31st: Fixed more cases of above issue.
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Updates (21th May) -

Never Discounted list:

  • Non purchasable (broken) packages are now ignored
  • Prices newer than 30 days are ignored

Packages / Apps lists:

  • Added ownership filter
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Updates -


  • Filters remember their values
  • Added filtering by name

App / Package lists:

  • Added capsule images
  • Added quick links to Steam Store and SteamDB

Open Subs

  • Fixed new opensubs weren't being posted (both site and discord/steam via subscriptions)
Updates -
  • Added Coupons section to menubar
  • Coupons: Added filter for stacking coupons
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