Latest Updates

Updates -


  • Filters remember their values
  • Added filtering by name

App / Package lists:

  • Added capsule images
  • Added quick links to Steam Store and SteamDB

Open Subs

  • Fixed new opensubs weren't being posted (both site and discord/steam via subscriptions)
Updates -
  • Added Coupons section to menubar
  • Coupons: Added filter for stacking coupons
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Site Updates Part 3 -
  • Exact times to tooltips (Timezone is auto detected, and shown in footer)
  • You can now create Subscriptions from website, to get notified of events via Steam PMs.
  • Packages List on Bundle pages now highlights.
  • Added list of Apps to Bundle Pages
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Site Updates -


  • App lists include Free/Paid indicator
  • Paid F2P list ignores owned Free packages
  • Both require uploading userdata either manually or via userscript.
  • In many cases instead of "Internal Server Error", now actual error is shown.
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Site Updates -

Site has been updated. You can comment here if you have problems.


  • List of Revoked Apps/Games (Only as seen by server)
  • "Never Discounted" list is back
  • Many bug/error fixes
  • Added Packages to menu for quick access to different lists
  • Once game update completes, you get notification on page
  • Added this updates section.
  • Fixed Revoke time reseting with updates, future revokes should have correct time
  • Fixed Bundles section not being updated after buying/getting new games
  • Added button to clear revocation log

Known Bugs

  • After clearing revocation list, cache is not invalidated, so site may display items for short period.
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